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Kettlework Ultra 10 DVD SetWhat makes Kettleworx different from other exercise programs is that it’s built on exercising with Kettlebells. These are weights of various sizes and they differ from traditional weights by their shape. These weights are shaped like a ball with a flat bottom, attached to a handle that’s wide enough to comfortably hold in the grip of your hand.

Using Kettleworx lets users build up various parts of the body through exercises like ab workouts, arms and cardio just like other exercise programs do. What’s different is the way that the conditioning is done.

In this program, you receive 10 DVDs that start by teaching users the introduction of Kettleworx. What makes this program so popular (besides the ease of use) is that the exercises can be done in 20 minutes.

But the fantastic part of this program is the benefit you get from using the system for those 20 minutes is you get the same intensity, fat burning and toning benefits you get as if you’d worked out for hours with some other systems.

The reason that it’s so efficient in less amount of time is that you’re working a lot of muscles altogether, rather than working one muscle group. Within six weeks, you’ll be able to see how the program has changed your body.

Even if you’re new to the concept of kettlebells, this program is for you – because it teaches you the basics – and for those familiar with kettlebells whose progress is on a higher level, the DVDs teach at that level as well.

The set will show you how to exercise with kettlebells and how to maintain the right form while using them. You’ll also learn how to improve your body’s core muscles so that your body looks better with the tightening of these muscles.

You’ll learn about resistance and how that can help raise the level of benefit the exercises do for your body. An eBook is included with the program that guides you on the best way to eat while using the program.

As an extra, the kit also has an abs and fast fat-burning DVD covering how you can burn fat fast. Fat burning teaches users how they can get into shape, giving them a quick workout that can be used hand in hand with regular workouts or can be used alone.

The extra ab DVD will show you how to focus some extra attention on your abs to get them toned up quickly. If you’ve ever wondered if you could really change your body in less than two months, the answer is here in Kettleworx. You can have the body that you want in just six weeks.

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